Friday 28 April 2017

Sunrise and Moonlight

Dear Family & Friends

This photo was taken at around 6AM in the early spring. It's a very beautiful morning usual:) The sun and moon are registered in this one photo.

sunrise and moonlight

I'm not sure if you could see it clearly ... there's a quarter size moon on the upper right side of the photo in the blue the same time - the sunrise!!

Now, my husband is proving his point that our earth is not round, nor is it orbiting around the sun base on this matter. What do you think? Could he be true in his observation? Have you ever thought about these things? - a flat earth?

So many things to tackle this coming days...both in our village home and the city apartment with home, work and school life, but we are all looking forward to a good weekend as always. Hope you do too:)



  1. Yes can see the moon . :)

    hahaha....havent really thought about earth being flat .

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