Thursday 1 June 2017

beautiful village scene - our very own

Dear Family & Friends

We've lived here, we've lived there...we were given the chance to move around the world, mostly not by choice..and I must say: what I love most of all the places we've been is - right where we are living at the present time.

precious - they are the experts of life

It's peaceful here...things are not hurried. Life is real. Nature is beautiful and God is good.

another beautiful day

Mornings when my husband opens the bedroom curtains and announces: 'OH, another beautiful day!' It seems to me he says that everyday...nothing new:) But yes, it is another beautiful day! We mustn't take it for granted.

life is good

Most of the time, we place monetary values on everything, and that dictates the ranking order. Not so in my opinion. We see our hard working villagers with clothes that are visibly patched over the years, They all seem to wear the same sort of blue overall uniform of yesteryears...Does it really matter? No, not at all. The proof is the smiles on their faces. It is constant as well.

the sun rise and the sun sets each day

I don't claim life is easy here. After all, every work needs effort of some form or sort. I must admit that I do occasionally hear villagers' conversation over our garden walls...mostly it's about work to do or that money is hard to come by these days... yet, after their small chat, they bade each other goodbye to go forth and do some work that they do each day.

peaceful and calm

It's not about being so busy with work, nor is it about all indulgence in life that we must aim for. Life is about balance. We work because we eat. Because we have worked, we can enjoy the fruit of our labour. As for peace and contentment ... that's the added bonus.

unhurried village living

Life is a journey. Take it and make it good. Wishing you all the best there is for this coming weeks:)



  1. Sometimes I long for slow life.. too much hurry in life..

  2. Beautifully written Annie. It's such a peaceful feeling to be able to be satisfied with what we have.
    We're grateful for every day that we can live as we do - life has its ups and downs for sure, but at the present all is well.
    It's lovely to read your thoughts on your own life and that of your fellow townsfolk. I can imagine the hard work they put in each day. They give you such beautiful smiles as you take their photo... happiness is definitely a state of mind :D)


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