Tuesday 13 June 2017

Starting my exotic veggie supply once again

Dear Family & Friends

We were doing our monthly food shopping in one of the big shop when I spotted a packet of lemon grass on the shelf. It's not a common thing sold here...thus the outrageous price of 15 euros/kilo! When I reached the cashier counter, I told my husband that I just have to buy this even though it's pricey...he asked: 'How much?' I said: '15 euros...'  and he immediately said: Do you have that much money to throw away? Look it's all dry as well! He was so shocked, he thought I've lost my marble already! What he didn't know was that the price was per kilo and I only took the smallest quantity there is. Still it was expensive for a few dried sticks of lemon grass. 

my dried lemon grass sticks are developing roots in a jar of  water

My plan was to grow and multiply them. I know they will grow in my garden, and I know it will take root even though it looks dry. I'm determined to keep this plant by bringing them in door during the winter as it won't stand any cold...If I'm vigilant, I will succeed in keeping this year after year. 

I grew lemon grass last year, and we enjoyed it so much because it gave wonderful aroma to our steamed rice and as seasoning to other cooked food. It is also very good as herbal tea. This time I must remember to take some roots over the winter for this precious commodity. 

my kang kong plant is now growing in the pot as the weather warms up

Besides lemon grass, I've introduced another exotic food to my family which they love as much as I do. Kang Kong or water spinach is another exotic veggie that grows very easily in the tropics. But not as easy here...although it is possible to grow it for a very short period of time. Thus, this is another very precious commodity in our home.

took a few cuttings to propagate and have more plants to enjoy

Every year I take great patience to grow this. I think it is worth it. It gives me back some wonderful memories as I love this veggie when I was a child and my children loves this too. No, we can never buy any of this here either.

kang kong will easily develop roots in a jar of water too

My precious brother gave me some seeds long time ago...and with it I start this plant in spring. Once it sprouts, I can easily get cuttings to take root in water. Another very worthy plant to be patient with in my book. 

Just some of the most precious and silliest thing I do for my little family. I think my little family is so special and they deserve every special thing that I could think of and do:)

From here, I've got to join the madness frenzy in our garden. Plants, birds and bees are all going mad in numbers. Hope you have as merry a garden as we do here too:)



  1. Hello Dear Annie, your delight in the way you look after your family and your garden is wonderful. Lemon grass is also something I've enjoyed growing in the garden too and for the same reasons as you. May I add another good property to your list. It is beneficial as a wash for excema or itchy patches on the skin. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge about the Kang Kong, I shall look for some. Cheers !

    1. Thank you for the extra tip on lemon grass usage. It will definitely come handy:) Being in Australia is an added blessing for I think you can grow a lot of exotic fruits and veggies there easily too. Kang Kong or water spinach is typical southeast Asian food that are stir fried with garlic - just simple and delicious. Hope you are enjoying your cooling season as we go about the reverse way:) It's a very interesting world indeed - all wonderful:) Have a good day Sue!

  2. Last year (I think) I started with two stalks of lemon grass and have now 9 specimen growing in a pot. I have uses a few already too, but I'm a bit frugal with them still.

  3. Hi Annie, the things we mothers do for our little family, only mothers understand. Glad to see the lemon grass rooting. Now you can get a steady supply of lemon grass and kangkung. Let some of the kangkong plants grow old to obtain seeds to germinate in your garden.


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