Saturday 9 September 2017

Fruits for the sweet tooth

Dear Family & Friends

We all like sweet food in this little home...specially fruits. I think most people do. We seldom buy fruits, except for watermelon which is so cheap in summer season. Otherwise, fruits can be expensive to buy in the quantity that we eat! As we grow them in our garden, it's a great money saver for us and when the season arrives, we can have them to our hearts content. Guaranteed organic too!

gooseberries are long most berries, they're garden snacks only

We only eat fresh fruits when it's season dictates. That's when it taste the best with full flavour of what it really is. Most of our fruit trees, shrubs and vines are still young, so it's not giving us great big quantity but definitely enough for us because the variety comes in succession. Some extra can be frozen for cooking and baking use later in the year, if any.

it's rare to see grapes displayed in our kitchen coz it's usually eaten from the vines!!

Sometimes, some fruit varieties never even reach our kitchen's being snacked right from the garden source!

a better fruit peach yield this year - but eating so much gives a sour tummy

Fruits always taste good in the beginning...but as it comes in torrent, it loses it's magic appeal. Mostly because some fruits are acidic, that with much consumption- it sours one's stomach. So, it pays not to be too greedy.

our figs just loves to snag on our garden walls.

The one fruit tree that we all like and could consume a lot is Figs! It's very sweet and not acidic unlike most fruits. Not many homes in our village grows them.They are limited edition because they say it is not as easy going as other fruit trees. It grows and propagates easily but it needs shelter from the wind and our severe winter temperature, to survive. But as our garden is surrounded by works well with us and so I got carried away with my planting of at least a dozen of them on every wall area - with no regret:)

Almost half of them are now matured enough to give us figs...This year, it looks like there's more fruits...I hope I could have spare to make some dried fruits out of it. Dried figs taste much sweeter and it's the best snack ever! We occasionally buy them from shops but I think it is better if we make them ourselves. It will be cheaper and cleaner food for the body too.

If you've got space in the's really a good idea to grow fruit trees, shrubs or vines. There's nothing better than a fruitful garden:) Hope you are enjoying your garden too!



  1. you are so lucky have great fruit garden, I don't that much space in my backyard to grow big fruit trees, I only have one orange tree.. :)

    1. Krishna, having one orange tree in your garden is already a great blessing! We don't have an orange is a very pretty tree, but it won't survive our winter outside. Enjoy your garden:)

  2. Annie, you are so blessed with all the fresh, juicy fruits from your garden. Just love to see that bunch of grapes and I love peaches. I just harvest my 2nd fig fruit and from the plant right into my mouth. So satisfying!


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