Sunday 17 September 2017

Old ladies do dream dreams

Dear Family & Friends

My big girl came back home after her cycling exercise around the village. As usual, she encounters people to chat along the way. Don't tell me she has no social skill being a home-schooler... for she is very capable of talking to old and aging folks, little tyrant toddlers, mid agers and teenagers the foreign languages that she is equipped with! both local and overseas situations. Yet, when you look at her...she is a quiet sort of girl.

my perception of what my neighbor thought I look like....

Today we had good laugh together as she relay me about a conversation she just had with a local village grandmother. The grandmother told her that she dreamed about me last night - although, she says, she have never seen me before. Now, that's what we call real dream:D  I wonder what I look like in her dream?? Yes, old people still dream dreams:) I'm no exception!

one exotic beauty ... I hope? !

Well, it seems like summer is chilling out a bit as we face the end of season. We enjoyed a few T-storm with a bit of rain that helped me out with my watering the garden chore. I'm grateful because then, I use some of that time catching up with my sewing craft project.

Before summer is over... we dream of taking our usual short family holiday break. There's lots of choices to go for. Our CEO is working it all out for us:)

Hope for dreams... it's good to dream dreams:)


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