Friday 1 September 2017

our little forest garden

Dear Family & Friends,

With the long summer heat wave this year, plus crazy short T-storms in between that only brings humidity but not enough rain water, our garden is still covered with all sort of plants - including weeds! At least it is not brown and bare...and every plants acts as protection for the microbes in the soil and garden insects. It also form some needed shades for us too:) We have a forest garden.

our forest garden

Forest garden is diverse planting of different layers of canopy trees, shrubs and layers of understory plants. It's a mixture of everything edibles both for humans and the ecology. With all sorts of plant variation in one place, it could look beautiful - or to others untidy. But remember tidiness in the garden costs a lot of energy...of which is not necessary.

underneath fruit trees are other beneficial shrubs

We plant trees and surrounding it we also planted shrubs, herbs and ground cover plants - all useful species - edible or for medicinal purpose. There's plants for pollinator to up the garden's productivity. There's nitrogen fixer plants for the health of our soil, and we plant plants for structure as well.

this is an earlier photo around was already looking chaotic...months on - worse!

At present, most of our fruit trees are still young but we are already starting to reap the reward of our investment, specially those that we planted five years ago.  We have variety of fruits ripening on timeline.
plants are all happy crowding each the benefit of the garden friends

We have been having peaches to eat on daily basis. The figs are ready next. Then, the grapes, pear, apples, and last, the quince. They ripen in stages according to their variety till almost to the end of the year! We planted a few more variety of other fruit trees, the last couple of years.... they will eventually add to the fruitfulness of our garden later on.

on closer look.... this is just one of our happy garden friend:)
Planting fruit trees is one passive income that you can earn from....specially when fruit prices these days are getting more and more expensive to buy. Money that you save, is money earned!

Wishing you a good week:)


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  1. I don't see chaos--I see beauty and a literal paradise for all the critters that depend on blooms and wildness.
    Hope all has been well over your way. Hard to believe the summer is almost over already and Autumn is on it's way.
    Enjoy that beautiful garden, Annie


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