Sunday 12 November 2017

Processing homemade food all week

Dear Family & Friends

Just as I was about to finish the task of peeling all of my garlic cloves for storing, my girl asked if I am aware of the big 50 kilo rice sack - that's full of sweet pepper, sitting in the carport area? What?! I went to check....I almost cried....this will be one big and long job for me...hundreds and hundreds of mini sweet peppers inside! I have to wash them all one by one...then, I have to start thinking what to do with them. It's a gift from our neighbour Maria... not ungrateful, just overwhelmed.

The sackful of Sweet pepper is almost emptied

I'm not one who likes to waste I have to be creative to come up with variation use of sweet pepper. In my chest freezer, I have already frozen 10 litres of pre-cut sweet peppers to use for future meals in stew, mix with stir fry, soup,etc. It freezes well and comes very handy. So, I chopped and frozen another 10 litres more.

never ending prepping of the sweet pepper harvest

Perhaps, I can pickle some of these peppers, but not everyone enjoys vinegary things as much as I do. I have to rack my brain for more ideas and certainly not the time to complain. With an extra small freezer in our city apartment, I can fill it with ready made food for my big girl's consumption, as she starts staying there during the week for her first employment journey. So, my other little girl helped me stuff the sweet peppers with precooked rice, herbs and grain mixtures this took us all morning but they will be well appreciated later. I count my blessings.

dehydrating sweet peppers

This time I also tried dehydrating some for pepper flakes. I kept on trying and testing if it was dried enough -by popping them into my mouth, in the end, I only have a handful of dried sweet peppers. After grinding it, I don't think it will amount to anything! but not processing more as my poor old legs were screaming at me for being on it - literally all morning! So, my day came to a close:)

bits of sweet peppers for garden composting materials

For the next few post, I will share about fermenting veggies that we do here. Tis the season of preserving some of our produce because it's all good for our health and will probably get you inspired too, if not already doing so.


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