Monday 8 January 2018

Weeds keep us and our garden healthy

Dear Family & Friends

I'm always asked how's my garden doing after the 'how are you' question. That's how some people associate me with. It's true that I do the garden and enjoys it...but people tend to think that I toil tending the big garden. I used to, but not anymore.  Weeding is the least of my worries. Every year I realize that I'm running out of weeds, as we learn to enjoy them to keep us and our garden soil healthy.

my garden old plants and weeds as all kept as precious mulch resource

For most part of the year, my vegetable garden beds gets covered with self seeding purslane...thickly. Most calls it a weed, but it doesn't bother me. I harvest them for our chickens, and most of all for our consumption. It is highly nutricious - packed with omega that we normally associate with expensive fish food. If I need the ground to plant other veggies in place, it's just as easy to pull them out and they can be composted to produce a healthy soil too. There are many weeds growing in our garden happily, most of which are edible as salad or for tea drink. There's plantain, dandelion, nettle to name a few.

my assorted veggies in row needs a mulch cover to keep them healthy

Other weeds that are non edible like vineweeds...well, they're not problem either. I just pulled them up from time to time as I also need them to bulk up my mulch resource. So as you can see, I really need all the weeds in my garden to help and keep my garden healthy.

Remember it is very important to keep your soil covered in mulch as protection...the same with our body. It's been very cold as we entered mid winter, but we are all keeping warm and happy. Wishing you a good day too.



  1. Ah yes, winter purslane, I also have that in my garden and I like it. As you see not all weeds are a nuissance in our gardens and they keep the soil healthy, a garden should not be too clean.....

  2. I always love your garden..

  3. I too have learned to allow some of the weeds to grow in my garden from time to time. Learning to take things easy and enjoy the garden.


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