Friday 23 February 2018

It's time to multiply our snowdrop

Dear Family & Friends

Snowdrop is the earliest flower that blooms in our January garden. At this time when there's nothing much that grows, let alone blooms in winter...on sunny days, the nodding fragrant white flower heads of snowdrops serves as the first nectar source our bee finds in our garden. So, I'm motivated to get going with dividing and multiplying these beautiful plants. The more the better:)

the very first welcoming flowers to greet us at the start of a new year

As soon as they finish flowering and the foliage is still green, I will dig up the clumps - divide and replant them immediately. The root clump will have several bulbs, which I will gently separate by hand. It's best to plant them under the trees. Just bury each bulbs into the soil, 4-5 inches deep, and space each spot 2 or 3 bulbs width apart. Splitting the clumps will also be beneficial in keeping the plant healthy from getting too congested and will discourage fungal diseases too.

Snowdrop or Galanthus grows easily without care. Once they are in the soil they will multiply and come up every year, but they require winter chill to aid them into flowering.

underneath this soil, a lot more bulbs are pushing themselves up.

After spreading and transplanting snowdrops, next year our bees will have more food source to go to. Now, I'm thinking that I must also do the same propagating and multiplying technique for another of my favourite bulb flowering plants - the grape hyacinth. So, another job for the coming days for early summer display, as my clumps are getting congested.

my grape hyacinth in the garden 

For now, I hope you are enjoying with playing dirt in your garden's a wonderful and therapeuthic activity if you could do so. Enjoy your day.


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  1. Both the snowdrops and grape hyacinth are very pretty! The bees will be very happy and they will produce more honey for you! Happy weekend!


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