Thursday 15 February 2018

Spring temperature for a winter season

Dear Family & Friends

It's one very odd week we're having here- spring temperature (18C) for the winter season!! For a full week, our day time temperature was so pleasant and sunny, although our night temperature will drop down to freezing level. So, I took advantage and stayed out in the garden. It's definitely warmer outside than inside our home:)

This handsome rooster has now learned to crow

For the first time, I heard our little rooster crowed. He went on and on with his singing. No longer a tiny little chick who was bullied to no end by our other old hens , just a few months ago. He has settled well and is looking much bigger now. He is a proper crowing rooster:) This definitely adds up more fun to our garden atmosphere:)

my temporary green house - quick and easy

As it was so warm and sunny, I started sowing some of the earliest vegetable seeds that I could do like the broad beans. I also potted up mint which I dug up from the garden so that I could take them to our city apartment. Having some potted herbs in the small apartment balcony would be a nice treat.  Since my daughter requested some leafy vegetable that she could cut for her salad needs, I also managed to transplant some of my veggie seedlings in pots for her. Our city apartment balcony is very sunny and that would make an ideal place to grow plants in containers. 

it's good enough to house a few seedlings for the short time to protect them from cold

Since I don't have a green house to make use of, I improvised a temporary one just to keep the plants in pots warm and protected for these few weeks - specially during the night.

It's so noisy inside this hive - full of happy buzzing bees

After having done a wee bit of gardening, I went to check our was buzzing with noise.  All is well. The bees are happy and very active with the beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately there's not much blooms for them to enjoy, except for the snowdrops. I will definitely multiply more of these early flowering bulbs for the bees right after the flowers fade. 

It's not spring time yet, because next week's weather forecast is cold with some snow. Whatever it will be, we still live in a beautiful place that we are always grateful of. Hope you are enjoying where you are too.



  1. Ooh we really hope to eventually have bees. The father of a friend has offered to help us get set up as he lives close by and has half a dozen hives.

    1. It's nice to have help and support on beekeeping Louise:) We do get help here but beekeeping is never a straightforward thing to do...but one must always give it a try because a garden without bees are not the same. Spring is the best time to start and hope a great spring season is on it's way to you too:)

  2. Oooh I nearly missed your last sentence. We too live in a beautiful place, are grateful for our life here and love it, as my blog header says, even when it rains.

  3. I also do temporary greenhouses.. here the weather same kind of weird..

    1. Krishna, I'm sure your greenhouse is much better than ours...I'm being very patient with my one...but hopefully not for long now:) Have a lovely weekend:)

  4. That's a handsome rooster Annie!
    A lovely idea to pot up some of your goodies for the city... some greenery, including edible, is always very satisfying to have.
    Yes, you do have a lovely place which you've made into your haven :D) xx

    1. Sue, just as I posted this most recent picture of Gashti - our handsome little rooster - all of a sudden he looked pale yesterday and today... he's gone:( A very sad day to be in the garden...but at least the sun still came out today.


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