Friday 23 March 2018

Sowing seeds directly in early spring

Dear Family & Friends

To have a head start of food supply from the garden, I have to pre-sow seeds indoors and transplant it out in the garden when the weather warms up a bit. As we don't have a greenhouse, the only place I can put the seed plant trays is in our lounge, not so ideal and thus I'm not keen on this. This year, I thought that perhaps I could do this seed sowing directly outside but protect it with bottle cloche.

some broad beans seeds sown individually in each recycled bottle cloche

To cut chores and be more efficient, I have to find ways that will work well for me. I dropped some vegetable seed into the ground and covered it with an upturn plastic bottle, to keep the temperature warmer for it to sprout. Once it's slightly bigger, I can transplant and spread it out in the garden. 

vegetables seeds sown directly with cloche to keep it warm for fast germination

In our garden, there's always the harvesting and then the food preparation to deal with. It amazes me that all year round, I can somehow get harvest from the garden to bring in to our kitchen table.

my harvest for this day: rosemary herb, kale, onion, and sunchoke roots

I managed to dig up my Jerusalem artichoke. These tubers can be used like potatoes, but even better than the potatoes, because I can just leave them underneath the ground all winter long and harvest them in spring. So, my harvest after the winter snow melted consisted of rosemary, kale, sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke and onions. With just some eggs, this will be a wonderful and delicious egg fritata meal. Off for a quick meal!

Hope you have a nice and beautiful weekend too. I'm positive despite the fact that at end of March we are showered with more last minute snowfall...but it's not staying long with next week, sunshine will be back:) Happy!


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