Monday, 20 August 2018

along the merry way

Dear Family & Friends

What's keeping you busy these days? There's a lot to do everyday here. Sometimes I'm just engrossed with doing bits and pieces. Some of my plants have produced seeds but as they are not dry enough to collect the seeds, so, I neatly tie and hang them in bunches to dry further on in the garden.

collecting and drying out some plant seeds

This week I've found out that our favourite second hand shop where we bought some old furnitures and treasures is closing down :( It's sad because there's not many shops that resell very old things over here. The sales proceeds also supports recovering young men who got into trouble due to alchohol and drugs. These young lads also works to fix or rennovate some of the furnitures and fixtures to resell.

a very heavy duty metal basin purchased recently - my treasure:)

So, we acknowledge that this particular shopping era of ours is now on end. My last buy was this big old and very heavy metal bowl. I still don't know how to recycle and put this into good use, but I do have a few ideas in mind for a new project. Perhaps I can make a portable water lily garden with it - we will have to see!

very rare snack treat all the way from China!

Well, not everything goes on and on in life. In fact another thing that we'll be missing is the big packet of rice crackers :( Yes, we ate all these snacks very quickly too LOL

courgette grows in abundance here

On the serious side, the vegetable garden are supplying us with non-stop courgette and cucumbers so we're trying to keep up with eating them on daily basis. No one is complaining. From time to time, like every two weeks, I'm also able to harvest some of my precious exotic veggies like kang kong and sweet potato leaves for stir fry. Some of us are complaining it's not enough and could we have more of that. Well, we have to learn to be grateful for whatever the garden gives us....and we are:)

Enjoy your day too.


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  1. Good to know that you can grow kangkong and sweet potato leaves for your own consumption. Currently I am waiting for the kai lan seedlings to grow big. I hope the pests will not get to them.


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