Saturday 3 November 2018

Fruits preserved in glass jars

Dear Family & Friends

This year we harvested several crates of quince and apples from our garden fruit trees. I didn't want them to go bad, so I had to keep up with cooking and preserving it. It kept me real busy.

quince and apple harvested from our garden

I was on my feet for hours cooking and stirring these fruits for four days in a row. In the end, I just didn't want to face these fruits again till I feel strong and inspired to deal with it once more.

quinces were cooked and bottled to preserve them

I came up with several bottles of preserved fruits in glass jars. These will keep for a few months and it will come very handy. I will use them to mix with pancakes or even use it to make sauce that goes nicely with meat dishes, specially roast or BBQ.

pancake flavored with quince fruit

I still got a couple of qinces in crates to process, but these can wait as they are ones that can continue to ripen before I get my stamina to process and cook them.

not so ripe quinces left in crates to ripen some more

When we grow things and when they come in abundance, we always try not to take it for granted. We need to make use of them and not waste the blessings that we are given.

grateful for fruit preserved in glass bottled that will last for a few months

Today, we had BBQ in the garden and made my first homemade fruity sauce to go with it. Every one wore a big smile on their faces:) One even commented that it was like having an early mince pie - her complimentary to my homemade fruity quince sauce. Having heard that, I thought 'Yes!', we might be having some mince pie for Christmas as we got lots of fruit preserved!

Hope your day is also nice.



  1. This is a great idea to keep the fruit preserve , and incorporate into pancakes..

  2. A real great harvest of quinches and you transfomed them into a delicious treat for winter.

  3. Good way to preserve the fruits for the winter months.


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