Friday 28 December 2018

Comfort food to cheer us up on cold and gloomy days

Dear Family & Friends,

When its dark and gloomy, it's hard to get going. I just think of comfort food and everyone just wants to eat and snack around. I have been finding myself cooking in the kitchen more and more. Well, no one worries about calories here, I personally think we tend to burn more calories to keep warm these days;P

soft and fluffy steamed buns

So, steamed buns with stew is a good comfort food. The only disadvantage is that it takes a long process to make.
steamed buns with hot stew

A better and quicker alternative is to make dumplings that doesn't need yeast and fermentation process. with extra helping hands, these little parcels can be speed up.

beautifully pleated chinese dumplings
Cute and delicious food always takes time to make...but it's the hand held aspect that qualifies it to be a perfect snack food.

chinese dumpling filled with minced meat and veggies

Another favourite and preferred snack food is a wrap parcel filled with vegetables. Whenever I make this, there is never enough, specially as I have to cook the crepe from scratch, one at a time for everyone.

crepe like wrapper filled with assorted julienne vegetables

When I have more patience, I will make effort for these sort of comfort food that my little family loves. Otherwise, I will always opt for quick cooking. 'Can we just have rolled omelet?'...everyone always agrees with whatever I do.

Life is good with comfort food and an equally contented family.

Have a good year ahead of you.


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