Thursday 13 December 2018

Fresh herbs are limited these days

Dear Family & friends

Many of the perennial plants in the garden has now slowed down and others completely abandoned all their leaves to go to hibernation mode. The priveledges of having fresh herbs from the garden straight to the kitchen table comes to some limitation these days.

There's all sorts of herbs grown in just this little area

Although not as abundant as it was in the warmer season, we still manage to harvest a bit of our usual favorites like parsley and coriander, as well as chives to sprinkle into our meals. Our family enjoys lots of herbs in our meals because it smells good and taste good too!

mint makes a good smelling cup of tea

In the garden, I also have several bushes of Rosemary and Sage. These particular herbs can withstand cold winters. We can harvest these herbs for our tea or soup all throughout the winter months.

one of our most favourite herbs that we like sprinkled on our meals

Yesterday our neighbour came knocking at our door to ask if she can have some of our 'garden tea' as she is feeling 'under the weather'. The 'garden tea' she refers to is 'sage'. My daughter of course quickly harvested a handful of sage cuttings for her. She will have lots of sage tea for the cold season and we hope it will heal her sore throat soon too.

herbal tea holds many health benefit for our well being

Every year, I keep on propagating and filling up our garden with more herbs. The more the better. Planting herbal plants aids good ecology for our garden, as well as providing medicinal and healthy food for our family. Of course, we will have plenty to share with everyone around us too:)

As it's our cold season, it's always good to drink lots of herbal tea and nutricious soup to cheer and comfort ourselves.

Hope you are keeping yourselves healthy and happy too.


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  1. Your herb garden is so plentiful and healthy Annie. How nice to share them with your neighbour. The tea would be very helpful with her sore throat.
    Having herbs growing in the garden is always a good feeling. I love chives and put them in a lot of dishes.
    May you and your dear family have a lovely Christmas. Thank you for all your posts and visits over the year 🌟🎁🎄 xx


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