Monday 7 January 2019

Finding little things to cheer a cold season

Dear Family & Friends

The comfort of watching a log burning that keeps our home warm is well appreciated at this time. Likewise, having warm cup of tea as well as cuddling a hot water bottle is just as pleasurable too.

it's been a very cold winter so far...

One day, we thought we could get some comfort out in the shopping mall: To enjoy the brightly lit atmosphere specially on cold and gloomy days. We do mostly window shopping, but this time, my little girl thought she wanted to buy a stuff-toy bag, simply because it was on sale and she  wanted to reward herself for all the hard work she dedicated on her ongoing part time job from home.

stuffed toy shoulder bag

I tend to forget that although my girls have now grown with so much responsibility, yet deep within they are still my little girls. In fact this week she also decided to do a teddy bear dessert for everyone. Yeah, it was good. Stuff toy bags and teddy bear pudding are definitely for all ages.

brown bear choco pudding

Not many exciting stories to tell when it is cold and I'm in semi hibernation mode...but it's winter and all I do is to keep waiting for a slightly warmer day.

Hope your new year is keeping you happy and well ... and let it roll on the whole year too.



  1. Well Annie, I just loved your positive story. It's those little things in life that keep us happy isn't it.
    mmmm that teddy bear pudding looks yummy.
    Good cheer to you all xx

  2. Aww!! that is cute! They are beautiful , sweet, responsible girls.


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