Tuesday 22 January 2019

The Craftsman's Mindset

Dear Family & Friends

Brining up our children is a very serious business for us. We sacrifice a lot for them, to give the very best care for their physical, mental and spiritual needs - without ceasing. It's all worth it. Our two girls were homeschooled right from the beginning. Their characters were formed with training and guidance and it's an ongoing goal for as long as we live.

Gone are the days when I hold their hands as I lead them to learn the basics of reading, writing and counting...and what great joy it was to personally see their strength and progress:) These days our training is focused on binging them to become a successful young adults. 

Father and daughter

It's time that they become an apprentice in learning the basics of life. As they journey on, they add their own style and attain mastery. I'm sure that they'll be so good that the result can't just be ignored. To do more of what really matters is a Craftsman mindset.

Be encouraged as we all take our responsibility in life. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead too.



  1. I believe I was a decent enough mom but if I could do it over, I would absolutely homeschool. My sister did it for almost 15 years and her children benefitted greatly. Well done you.

  2. You are doing an incredible job!


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