Friday, 1 February 2019

10 reasons to grow your own food at home

Dear Family & Friends

There's 10 reasons to grow food in your own garden home:

  1. It's real fast food! Just walk out into the garden and harvest a meal:)
  2. You can save money. Because home grown food cost only a fraction of what it cost in the shop.
  3. It got better taste. Fresh fruit and veggies harvest picked at it's peak readiness taste amazing.
  4. It will improve your health. Not only garden produce is good for you, gardening is good exercise and can reduce stress and anxiety too.
  5. It's rewarding. To watch a seed or a transplant grow into a mature food producing plant is very satisfying.
  6. Self sufficiency. The more self sustaining you are, the less you need to rely on others to ensure your needs are met.
  7. It gives you the opportunity to connect with nature. Gardening brings you in alignment with nature's life cycle: birds, bees, plants, soil, fungi etc.
  8. You get access to rare varieties of food. There are so many rare varieties you can plant at home that you can't find at the market.
  9. A free hobby or entertainment. Although you may invest some money into the garden, the act of gardening is free and enjoyable hobby too.
  10. Opportunity to leave your hand print. Gardening allows you to leave your hand print where your footprint once was.

This year, I'm hoping that I can give all my best to obtain a better home grown garden and I just can't wait for the warmer weather to come and help me out to fulfill this goal:)

Hope you are looking out to accomplish your goal and be better than me:)


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