Tuesday 26 February 2019

Stress makes us ill - part 2

Dear Family & Friends

When your blood circulation is good, you won't get stressed easily. This is a fact. The people who gets most stressed are those who are lazy. Once your blood is not circulating well, it's difficult to feed oxygen to the brain and you start having all negative thoughts which leads to stress.

There are ways to fight back stress - and that is to RELAX:
  1. do the inhale & exhale breathing exercise - out in your own garden for fresh air
  2. drink 8 glasses of water a day (4 warm water & 4 cold water - just my variation on the menu:)
  3. go out and take in morning sunshine
  4. sweat your body out
Remember that when you are full of negative thoughts, it's impossible to see any goodness around you. Everything starts from the top of your brain. Of course, being healthy is also important. So, it is wise to top your body with good nutricious food that have vitamin C, calcium, beta carotene which is helpful in stress prevention too.

Well, hopefully this has been a helpful post and a beneficial one. I have plans to chill out and enjoy the day, to take advantage of the deep blue sky that's there waiting for me. I wish you a lovely day too.


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