Friday, 12 April 2019

Drawing faces

Dear Family & Friends

I'm one frustrated artist but I'm still not giving up. I always wanted to draw, but drawing people are my worst drawing skill for a subject.

pencil colour sketch of a fantasy girl

Be it a fantasy face...No, it turns out to be a scary portrait!!

my first attempt of drawing a man's face via real sit in model during my children's art class session

Be it a real model sketching which I secretly did, during one of the art session of my daughters, where everyone was busy sketching this middle age male model...that too, turned into a scary art portrait!!

another portrait of a man but this is a dual work between me and my then 8 years old daughter

Then, with the help of my then 8 years old daughter, this portrait of another man turned out better...but I think that was not really a credit to me.

my first house sketch - just using free ikea stubby pencil...will do better next time:)

So recently, I decided that I turn my interest into drawing house structures instead. I'm lovin it and I think this is what I want to focus on from this time onwards. I don't have the right ink pen to use for the moment, but I plan to get one as a special treat the next time I pop in town to an art shop.

There's so much to do each day but sometimes there's so little time to fit everything in. Nonetheless we just have to take each day at a time. Hope you have a lovely day and week too.


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  1. Those are beautiful. I've never been able draw the face. It is most difficult task to me. :)


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