Thursday, 6 June 2019

Tortoise woke up early this year

Dear Family & Friends

We get the idea that tortoise are slow creature but let me tell you that isn't true. Our pet tortoise who lives freely in the garden has proven us otherwise. This tortoise roams the entire garden in such fast pace, it makes us all dizzy just to watch his daily activity. He walks here, there and everywhere.

here comes speedy Gonzales:)

For some reason, he woke from his hibernation much earlier this year. So on warm days he is so very active going around and around the garden. He climbs every garden barrier we lined for our garden beds.

up he climbs ....

It seems like a great challenge with the shell on his back and the short legs that he has. Nonetheless, he seems to succeed without problem.

down he falls...

He eats every delicious veggies that I grow in my garden beds. He helps himself when it comes to feedtime. One fortunate tortoise because there's a lot of variety that he enjoys eating - everything organic fresh and chemical free. Nothing better than that!

now it's time to snack on some lettuce leaves...

See how happy he is after having a snack of lettuce leaf? Well, we think that's him smiling for the camera.

yummy..and here's a smile for the candid camera:)

Well, the two girls enjoys being entertained by this little fellow. He is a good quiet pet to have and he takes care of himself and requires no attention, although he do enjoy our company because he always comes near us whenever we are in the garden:)

Enjoy your day too.


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