Friday 30 August 2019

Fruits and more fruits

Dear Family & Friends

Look at my tomato harvest this morning, aren't they pretty? We have been eating tomatoes fresh and incorporated with cooked dishes almost everyday. There's just so many tomatoes popping out of our garden during summer time. I have to start preserving them for the winter season as it's just too much for us to eat.

my tomato harvest this morning

Tomatoes are fruits. So, this adds up to the variety of fruits, one after another, that we can get from our garden during Spring all the way to autumn. Some of our autumn fruit harvest like apples can be kept  fresh all throughout the winter. So, we can easily have fruit supply all year without having to buy any from shops.

mini snackable tomatoes - but reaching to the point of having 'one too many'

This year, we will be able to gather even more fruits and nuts from the adjacent property we just acquired. We discovered a purple plum tree that's ready to be harvested. So pleased with this because it's a good sweet variety. There's also a lot more grapes dotted around the property and it's getting ready too.

an additional purple plum fruit harvested from the garden

It's been an unusual very humid day today and I was so relief when a sudden burst of rain poured down. I supposed my garden plants all shared my same joy....with that, I can foresee more fruits coming up! Wish you're all here to share the abundance....


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  1. Oh yes, me too, I'd love to be there to share in your abundance... and also to walk around your beautiful garden.
    All the tomatoes look picture perfect too. Well done - dedicated home gardeners :D)


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