Thursday 24 October 2019

Happy busy

Dear Family & Friends

It's been a long day for all of us. Work, lots of work. We are all tired but happy. When there's lots of work, it just mean that we are blessed. At the start of the day, I quickly watered my garden, as much as I could. Then I cleared up some weeds in my veggie plot to make space for direct seed sowing of some leafy greens and root crops that we could have in winter and or in spring.

my veggie garden still filled with flowers, herbs and food veggie plants

There's still a lot of daily harvest that I get here and there for our day's meal and extra ones I keep on preserving or store in freezer for the winter. What kept me on my toes all day is the washing and sorting out buckets and buckets of grapes, potatoes, and figs.

 I've found garlic sprouts growing in clumps, so I split and spread them out

I processed about two big pots of grape juice, before I called it a day. Well, I will carry on making more bottled grape juice to preserve them - till I ran out of bottles to use! The figs were placed in dehydrator to have dried figs for snacks which will keep for a while.

my tomato and grape salad - it's yum:)

Lots of work done for this lovely week, but it's fun to be kept busy too:) Hope you are having a great week too.


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  1. When we have our own edible garden, we are kept busy in the garden and in the kitchen.


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