Friday 4 October 2019

To rejoice or to cry?

Dear Family & friends

I definitely want a productive and abundant garden but this week I felt a bit confused. By the garden washbasin area, there's several buckets of various fruits and nuts waiting for my attention. Should I rejoice or cry over the non-stop autumn harvest that we got?

daily snack from the garden
The grapes harvested by bucket loads were attracting a lot of wasp and bees. Some of the apples harvest still waiting in the buckets were slowly rotting as they desperately need to be sorted out. The plums were ripening fast too! Although the bucket of walnuts just sat there, yet the fact that more of those are coming in torrent just reminds me that it needs to be done too!

productive garden that is more or less looking after itself these days

Besides those fruits and nuts, I also have to continue on harvesting the tomatoes, peppers, courgette and figs almost everyday as is! You can just imagine my stress building up as I lose my battle in coping with them all.

It's unbelievable how much we have and it feels wrong to just waste them as there's no one around our village who could share them with us:( So I try my best to preserve as much as I know and could do.  I can't help but be overwhelmed. Next year, I should have a better plan to find where I could share our yearly abundance.

I still work to keep on filling every vacant space with plant cover

Despite all these, I have no regret planting so many fruit trees and shrubs, and will continue on doing so just because we got the land to fill and everything seems to grow well without much care. I see the importance of growing all sorts of plant variety to maintain a happy ecology within our environment and capacity. So, I just have to march on with my head held high.

Hope you're always aiming for a good day:)


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