Friday, 8 November 2019

Seasonal autumn menu - dictated by our garden

Dear Family & Friends

As soon as cool autumn air arrives, I immediately started our most favourite seasonal soup to match the atmosphere. I ran my kitchen and cook our meals according to what I can get out of our garden. In my fridge, there's not a single vegetable, I have to get them from the garden on a daily basis - just the amount that I need for that day. The garden produces veggies in season as dictated by the abundance thereof, which sets my menu for the week.

creamy delicious pumpkin soup with a piece of bread - pure bliss on a bright cool autumn day

For this week, I am inundated with crates and crates of potatoes dug up by the two young ladies. Then, I see so many pumpkins lying everywhere in my garden. They are ripe by now and ready for consumption. My walking onions are literally growing everywhere by the hundreds and there seems to be no end to it even as we eat them on daily basis! Since autumn is my pruning time for my rosemary bushes to keep their shape, there's just abundance of herb cuttings that I can use to make tasty soup too.

chopped up pumpkin, potatoes and rosemary sprigs eventually makes a delicious pumpkin soup

We are expecting lots of different pumpkin meals to come and grace our kitchen table. So far, the two girls who loves to snack on crisps have been doing endless chips in various ways, shapes and flavour from all the potatoes they dig out of the garden. Oh! I let them have a great time eating as much potato snacks as they want, afterall, they also work and burn so much calories from digging and harvesting potatoes out of the garden.

Happy sunshiny day to you all:)


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