Sunday 17 November 2019

With the help of my garden friends

Dear Family & Friends

Every day I cook a meal for my little family. It's like running a restaurant: plan the menu, do the prepping, cook the meals, wash the dishes etc... Although I don't get financial payment for it, yet I never ran out of happy customers;P

a plate of lunch

Some people think I've been jobless for years as I'm not in anybody's payroll, yet I can prove that I'm always at work:) People's approval or opinion on how one should be employed doesn't make sense most of the time, because I can see that even my garden friends are constantly working without pay, yet, they are faithfully helping me in providing food to sustain my family with success:) Not everything is about money - because abundance and rich life is worth much more.

just one of my little garden helper and best friend

For this reason, I try to maintain my garden by letting it be as natural for the benefit of my unpaid helpers too. In my autumn garden, pumpkin vines are still rambling around and I try not to pull them up as they are still giving flowers which the bees love. I know that none of these flowers will come to be full fruit potential as cold is settling in already, but at least the blooms are there as foraging resources for nectar and pollen before winter arrives. 

my autumn garden with pumpkin vine rambling over a lavender bush

At this time, we have already harvested more than enough matured and nutricious looking pumpkins to keep and enjoy for the whole autumn and winter season, all done with the help of my garden friends.

that pumpkin bloom can turn into a pumpkin nugget after a couple of months:)

There's never ending things of interest that we work on daily basis. We're all keeping busy and keeping happy. Hope you are all doing the same too:)



  1. Hi Annie, another beautiful meal photo :D)
    No one could be raising a family, tending all that garden, keeping chickens etc etc and be thought of as 'jobless' ... indeed, the work within the home involves a lot of multi-skilling doesn't it.
    Love your photos of the garden, everything is brimming over with healthy growth and I'm sure each day of warmth is enjoyed before the cooler months set in. Cheers now xx

  2. Every home maker does more work than those working in the corporate world with pay. You have a big garden and overflowing with healthy growing plants, making your garden helpers happy and their job so much easier.


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