Monday 2 December 2019

Last minute garden scene before winter arrives

Dear Family & Friends

Here's what I see in the autumn garden before most of my plants and garden creatures take a couple of months break to rest and hibernate for the winter season. All year long, the garden has been supplying us with good food and lots of enjoyment as each of the four seasons passes by.

I think this is a watermelon hanging onto the grape trellis

This year I've watch a strange fruit of which I've never planted. I think it is a watermelon and it's hanging bravely along the grapevine trellis. I'm still not sure if it is really a watermelon or some sort of a grew late and so I allow for it to carry on growing till the very last minute of the season.

The grapevine trellis is still got lots og grapes we left for the wild birds to eat

There's a lot of grapes still hanging in the trellis, but since we have so much grapes for ourselves already, we are leaving them there for the wild birds to come and enjoy them as the weather is now turning a bit cool for them to find extra food.

a bumble bee enjoying the last few zinnias before winter arrives

The bees are likewise given the last minute foraging to source food. The zinnias are brave and faithful to the end. Despite getting very tall and lanky, it insist on giving it's last minute bloom as much as possible, till frost comes to tell them it's time to let go.

Season comes and season goes, each got it's own story to tell. Such is life in the garden. Hope you are enjoying your garden too.



  1. Enjoying your blog from frozen Canada. Your home and garden looks like heaven to me. thanks for sharing. Rita

    1. Thanks Rita. The garden is never perfect but glad that I can share some of it's joy over to you too:) Keep warm this winter, we're getting into the same season soon - perhaps just a bit later and not as colder. Have a good day:)

  2. That is really a strange looking fruit. Please update us when you cut down. :)

    1. We took the fruit down yesterday because the first winter minus temperature was forecast. From outside, it's shape and smooth skin pattern looked like watermelon, but when we cut it up, the inside was dense pale pumpkin sort of thing with corresponding big pumpkin seeds. We all had our curiousity satisfied after that, and we left the fruit for the birds to enjoy. Have a lovely day today Krishna:)


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