Thursday, 16 January 2020

No fuss cooking in our small apartment

Dear Family & Friends

From time to time, we take a family outing and sleep over in our small city apartment. My kitchen there is so small, in fact it really doesn't look like a kitchen, more like a little nook area but we can create many cozy meals to enjoy.

handy induction cooker - cook on table top and store away afterwards

Having this induction cooker, I have learned to prepare very simple warm small meals. In a small space, you don't really want to fill up the place with food smell, but it is also nice to eat in, than in a restaurant atmosphere, because it is more relaxing. 

all done - quick and easy cooking

Eating cozy little meals in a small cozy little dining/kitchen area is great fun for us. Often, we all work hard day after day, with each of us having his/her own schedule to deal with. It's always nice to have a little sit down together time to get refreshed now and again.

one simple meal we had and enjoyed

A family sharing food together, even the most simple dish makes the most delicious meal there is. It's being happy, content, and building each other up as one should, that counts the most.

I've got lots of exciting stories to share but that will be for another day. Hope you are having a lovely time too:)


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  1. Your cooking method is so practical and, yes, to eat all together around your home table is always the best. The meal looks so inviting and tasty too Annie xx


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