Thursday 20 February 2020

Holiday eating

Dear Family & Friends

Part of our family culture is feeding each other non-stop, basically a love language:) Every family gathering means food sharing. Every time we sit down to catch up with each other's news means - eating:) Yes, we have to be experts in eating and talking at the same time:)

typical rice breakfast meal that we enjoyed a lot

There's endless home cooking and eating out sessions. Our gatherings normally means a big crowd - it's all good fun, no one bickering, with every one just accepting each other's flaw - after all, we all got our own imperfections too.

a nice local hearty breakfast

Food binds up our family. Even hourly snacking keeps us all going with good time:) So, there's endless snacks passed around that we don't normally eat proper food as we eat so many times a day. Don't worry, it's because we're on holiday:)

this was an unexpected free buffet meal from a hotel :)

Now that we're back home, it's back to my homecooked meals, and that means: once a day hot balance meal's a lot of work to keep me in the kitchen - and that's my excuse and everyone has to remain contended:)

All for today - have a nice week ahead.


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