Monday 20 April 2020

A short tour in our imaginary version of jardin du versailles

Dear Family & Friends

Come, let me take you for a short sight seeing trip as I have some free time. We're not going far, just next door to where we live, one minute walk through a secret garden door we opened on the boundary wall. Anyway, we still can't make the 25 minutes drive to the nearby city, even for grocery shopping due to strict ban with check points manned by the police. Not to worry, no food shortage at home. All is OK here:). 

Now  for our trip: Let's go back to summer last year when we got this property. From the balcony of the small house, we see this garden that was abandoned, covered with full grown weeds as high as 5 feet tall, which we flattened! Sorry we found no snake because they can't climb up the enclosed surrounding solid mud wall boundaries:(

Look what we have achieved so far.  Lockdown time is great for this project. Still a long way to go but it looks like our very own jardin du versailles is already taking it's shape! Without buying, my challenge is to fill this massive place with beautiful and edible plants, otherwise Nature will naturally grow weeds again! I use cuttings from my existing plants in our other garden and also a lot of the seeds I collected last year to sow more vegetable and flowers in each plots.

Image preview

Last weekend, the 4 of us worked in happy unity and planted hundreds of potatoes in 4 large plots. Potato seeds used were from last year's harvest that we didn't manage to finish.  We had good garden family fun time together:)

Hope you are all keeping victorious in every little ways despite of the circumstances. Keep healthy and happy:)



  1. Looks beautiful! Good on ya!

  2. Annie it is amazing what y'all have done! Gosh all the work you've put into getting it ready! I'm sure impressed! What a beautiful place you have. I'm sorry you can't even go to the grocery store and thankful to God you have what you need. I hope and pray things will soon be normal. You take care! Wow now I have really got to get to work, you've inspired me again! xoxo Dolly


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