Friday, 19 June 2020

Weeding and gathering

Dear Family & Friends

Many years ago, I allow opinionated people to brag on how to do a garden or how a garden should be like. Over the years, I decided that since it's my garden and it's just me who is going to do the work, I might as well do it the best way I think it should be - and suit me. Yes, there is no right or wrong way...each one of us does what is best and should never let people's opinion rule over what we should do. We just do our best.

the garden keeper

My garden is big and I think every garden is to be enjoyed. It's never my policy to keep my garden 'clean'. I'm not too concern about the weeds...I occassionally do weeding but I simply drop them where I pulled them from. It's a messy concept but it save me a lot of energy and nature normally takes care of the rest that I can't do or have not done, to it's best advantage too. 

my green pea shoot harvest for the day

One thing I can prove is that: my little family enjoy being in the garden. A place that gives us the opportunity to work together from time to time as a therapy. It's a place where we gather a lot of good food for free and that gives us all a lot of joy. If people don't like our garden, we simply don't give them another invitation to come back...and that's how I keep and maintain a happy paradise on earth for our little family.

Hope you have a beautiful time just as we always choose to do over here.


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