Saturday 12 September 2020

Free food in abundance

Dear Family & Friends 

Here's my goji berries harvested today which I'm drying under the sun. Once dried, it will keep a long time. I will be able to make a nice and healthy chicken soup with goji berries for winter season. If I'm not feeling too lazy, tomorrow I will go and harvest some more of these because there's just so much more to pick.

Besides harvesting plant base food from the garden, we also harvested some honey produced by our garden bees. There's just so much delicious food in our garden that we are grateful of everyday.

There's  a lot of free good food out there, but it entails some work in put. Well, like we say in our little family, if we want to eat, we must work....but never forget that work is more fun than idleness:)

Have a lovely day.


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