Sunday 6 December 2020

Mushroom rich healthy soil

 Dear Family  Friends

There so many mushrooms sprouting in my garden these days...I don't pick them becoz I'm not sure if they are edible. The presence of fungi is a good means we have a living soil to grow and produce good food. 

There's a secret technique as to how I always get free healthy food from the garden - It's having healthy soil. To have good soil is easy. Be lazy like me. Do not clean your garden by throwing away your old plants, fallen leaves/weeds in the bin to fill up dump sites. 

Instead, chop and drop your garden waste back in your own garden where it will compost - wet them to compost faster - that's makes free organic fertilizer to feed your plants! As you can soil is full of weeds. Mushrooms sprouts and other plants I never plant -comes up by themselves. Don't be too strict with your garden - it's not all work - it's to be enjoyed too!

Let'es help our ecology and have garden fun at the same time.


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