Friday 30 July 2021

This is my edible garden

Dear Family & Friends

In my vegetable garden, I plant flowers along side vegetables and I like to pack them all in! Flowers draw pollinators in, and being crowded- it saves watering evaporation too. 

The stakes you see here are for the climbing beans - yes it's all there! In fact, there's sunflower for the edible seeds, Daylily for stir fry, feathery leaves of dill for herbs, and the white flower is actually a carrot I missed picking so it started to flower to produce seeds etc..

The beautiful mess can easily be made into ''chop suey'' for a healthy family meal! It certainly doesn't need a big area to grow a variety of edible food.

Hope this brings you some inspiration and motivation too. Wishing you all a good week . Stay cool.


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