Thursday, 9 September 2021

Superfruitful Gojiberries

Dear Family & Friends

Gojiberry is a trendy superfood. It is and will always be. My first gojiberry was planted from seeds by trial and error: using the dried berries in ''dried food ingredient soup mix packet'' bought from food store years ago. Not very promising seed source but the success was God's unmerited favor. 


Let me show you a close up of how fruitful it is now. We eat gojiberry fresh: as snack, in salads, soup, or simply sparkle a plain steamed rice. The more I pick, the more it gives. Bees loves the little flowers too! It goes to sleep in cold winter but always comes back in springtime. 

We're at the end of our summer season, busy planning and growing yet more plants to keep the garden filled. In order to have, we have to work for it. Then ask and wait for God's blessing to grow it all. Thus when fruits comes out from our ground, I just can't help but be filled with joy and gratefulness. 

Wishing you all a great and fruitful week too.


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