Friday 6 May 2022

Hazelnuts working it's abundance

Dear Family & Friends

Can you see the honeybee gathering pollens on this hazelnut flower? It's an early spring flower favorite for their honey production! I love listening to the happy buzzing bee noise in the garden as they work. A garden is not the same without the bees.

Just look at all the flowers hanging on our nut tree! Since so many bees are pollinating them, I can expect a bumper crop of hazelnut to snack on this year too!! God created hardworking creatures to help produce food in our garden. The abundant provision is wonderful.

It's been perfect weather for garden work - not too hot yet, so I take advantage. My body complains a lot, but the Adrenalin keeps me going! The garden is looking beautiful everyday - my big reward. Enjoy your day today.


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