Friday, 27 May 2022

The distiller

Dear Family & Friends

Finally we unboxed our ''Aladdin's Pot''!! - a cooking pot to process our Lavender harvest for oil n hydrosol. We could also extract other herbs that we grow abundantly in the garden.

This won't process a lot of oil for mega orders, but it's good enough for a few bottles n good for demonstration process. It's not made of gold - just copper but looks so pretty!

By summer (July/August) when our lavender are in bloom, we will try and extract oil n hydrosol with the help of this distiller. Herbal oil are used mainly for cosmetic n medicinal purposes.

In simplest term, the process of steam distillation involves heating the plant matter to a boiling point, capturing the essential oil vapors as they rise, then cooling the vapors n allow to condense back into liquid so the oil can be collected.

Just sharing you some inspired interest on our life's journey, as it might be an encouragement for you too. It's good to take interest n keep moving forward - makes life more fun too. Wishing you all a peaceful n relaxing weekend.


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