Friday 3 August 2012

Garden Assessment 2012

We have to look back to last year's gardening in order to plan better for this year. I'm not an expert so everything is based on a learning curb. Last year, I started full of dreams and ambitions. Planted so many varieties of fruits and vegetables...some succeeded, some didn't. The calypso beans were a hit. Ampalaya created a lot of enthusiasm in me but not much fruits. Okra has been good and could be better. Not much luck with the sweet potato but I mustn't give up on it. Kangkong was easy to grow but it just doesn't seem to taste like what it is in Asia. Luffa was grown too late and but perhaps if I start it earlier this year, it would bring much joy. Didn't have much cucumber as I dreamed it to be but this year is a new year to look forward to. Yes, more corgette plants to plant, one isn't enough. Planted aubergine for the first time and had a few fruits, must do this again. Tomatoes as always is a champion in this part of the world and pepper does well too. Herbs...I must put effort in growing them.

Towards the middle of summer, our water reservoir stated to ran dry...we definitely need a deeper water well this year.

Oh...The joy of gardening!

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