Sunday 5 August 2012

Crochet Red Medallion

Some time ago, I happened to see a few spools of sewing thread at a thrift shop...I just had to get it as it was cheap...the choice colour was only in red....Nonetheless, this kept me occupied and so served the purpose well.

I decided to make little crochet square medallions... one by one....

Then, slowly it multiplied!

I joined them together....

and it's getting bigger by the day....

I think it looks pretty...not sure what it will turn into...a table cloth? perhaps a table runner? a curtain?  
What do you think? For the moment, this crochet project just gets going....and its keeping me indoor whilst summer heat is just unbearable...


  1. beautiful crochet I love this blog

  2. Very nice. Love the red colour. I;ve seen my missus making little squares like that and putting them together to make a nice tablecloth.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. I must go check your missus blog...I need some inspiration from her:) Thank you too for dropping by. I'm really honoured!

  4. Thanks for stopping my blog. This look gorgeous, i would like to let it become table runner.

  5. I'll definitely turn it into a table runner now that you suggested it! Thank you too for coming to see my humble blog and even took time to leave a comment :)!!...I'm so honoured!


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