Monday 13 August 2012

Guilty or not?

From out of these plants.....came aubergines or you may also call them eggplant!

We've planted 2 varieties this year: the purple long ones and the whitish round ones. As you can see, they come parading into the kitchen!

On closer inspection......

"hey you!" 

"yes you!"

Isn't this particular one more guilty than the rest of getting the most nutrients and water from the ground?

Look how big it has grown?!

Got another one of a different species..... Look how big it got too!

Also guilty?...What's your verdict? 

If you can just excuse the dirty shoeless feet of my little girl....
you can see that this red pepper can easily be fashioned for footwear accessory!
How it got this BIG is beyond me!....considering our grounds desperately need water....
See how brown and dry the ground is??...yes...that's our garden lawn by the way! 


  1. My goodness!!! They're ENORMOUS!!! But here, we have big chilies, not THAT Big though, and they're not spicy hot at all. Tasteless and very disappointing.

    1. This is sweet pepper, also not spicy :( Yes, coming from South East Asia, I also like the burn the tongue chili pepper. They don't grow them here, although this year I managed to plant my own bird's eye a few on the plant now...makes me dance with joy!

  2. I couldn't help but grin at those veggies ! They're gorgeously huge ! :D Guilty ?! I guess they're just happy to be in your garden ! lol

    1. Anne, they were much happier to be in our warm cosier tummy as 'torta talong!' lol!

  3. Wow...those are giant size. Taste good?

    1. They taste sweet, juicy and very crunchy. Due to laziness, we simply eat it like what rabbits do...

  4. Replies
    1. I always thought neighbours are so clever to grow bigger veggies than us but now realized that these are their local variety...since they gave me the seeds to plant, I now have huge pepper too!


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