Tuesday 14 August 2012

The Big Dig Day

Today is a big dig day.

In came the digger pump machine to dig a new garden water well.

In came the nosy neighbours...

Don't get me wrong, we do love our neighbours...in fact, we don't mind their curiousity...this is how village life is....

Everybody noses around everyone's business as there's nothing much to do...but it's a good thing..sort of like a free security alarm system = watch dog.

Immediate neighbours were very pessimistic about our plans...and kept telling us that we were wasting our time and money...they've done it in the past and no water!....Such commentators are not good for our nerves.

You see... we have to choose the location where we believe there is water... (R prayed for help and wisdom) and workers just dig where you want them to dig...if there's no water found, we still have to pay them for every metre dug.  

See old baba (that means "grandma"), R gave her a special seat and appointed her as the director for the day's job.

"Common boys...get working...baba's got her stick with her, you know!...."

So, work commenced: Lots of water was pumped in to soften the ground, and lots of muck was pumped out as a hole was created for the pipe work 

We tapped 15 metres into the ground! End result: we have 7 metres of free ground water! What a relief!..and we thank God for that! 

We were hoping to tap in precious oil...Nah! no such thing happened...we parted with our precious 45000 stotinki (local cents) instead! LOL! The workmen were so happy after the 4 hour job!

The whole 'orange pipe' is now buried underground!!

Do you know that we can tap into mineral water (mineral spa town is just 5 minutes away from us)...but we have to dig 300 metres to get that!..... Goodness me...that's millions of stotinki then!!


  1. I didnt know have to pay by metre dug. Pretty lucky to have found water. Ya i hate those negative comments too. Not helping with the nerves at all

    1. We didn't know if there was much water in the well till the day after when we managed to install the pump to extract water...there are times in our lives that we live by the edge of our seat...making life more exciting!

  2. Glad you found water, what a relief, I can imagine how elated you were at the discovery.
    Love how you edge your garden beds with roof tiles, very pretty.

    1. Recycling the excess roof tiles as garden bed edging was the best thing we've done...and managed to clear up the barn too:)

  3. I know you're just thrilled to find the water! I think it's so cute how the neighborhood showed up to watch! :)
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Life would be so boring without such neighbours ;)

  4. Congrats!!! So now you have access to natural underground water. Your plants are certainly thriving well...so green and nice.

    1. Now you can hear my husband sing ..."...oh the green green grass of home!"


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