Monday 6 August 2012

Too Blessed to be Stressed

Summer can bring about headaches...not because of stress but more of the oppressive summer heat!

We're just too blessed to be stressed! Every time R visits or talks to neighbours in the village....he had to come back to deposit various fruits and vegetable, food parcels back home... and his Bulgarian language has improved a lot too! Honestly, we haven't given any single penny to any market this about ways to get rich...don't spend!!...or there's no need to spend!

OK...there's hardly any job in this for villages...but I tell you there's plenty of fact, it's called abundance! So...who needs the currency? LOL

This 'banitsa' was delievered to our table today from our neighbour. It's a freshly baked bread with local feta cheese YUMMY! 

Been given a few of these melon variety for us to eat almost everyday!

Fruits and vegetables just being dropped for us left and right!

AH! Life is full of blessings!! Let's make a habit of counting our blessings each day!


  1. You're right about the heat ! tsk tsk :D Love that fresh produce !

    1. We used to live in HK. I can understand heat PLUS humidity! (Here it is just heat!) But at least in HK, you can just hop from one airconed building/transportation to another:) Anne, you are blessed! Stay blessed:)


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