Tuesday 11 December 2012

Sock Yarn to Granny Squares Crochet Project

This is the first snow fall for this winter...there'll be more to come as we've just started our winter month! Some of my plants looks so sad and cold:(   I feel the same... I just have to keep busy with some home project to cheer myself up!

Saw a yarn for winter socks...but I really don't know how to knit nor crochet socks... I bought it because I was attracted to the two tone intertwining thread. My brilliant idea was to separate them and make a two tone granny square!

I used the light colour thread for the flower design in the centre....

and the dark colour thread for the border around it!

Is this a thrifty idea??  I like the outcome because the yarn got softer and it's not as thick as it meant to be.

These squares will end up as an edging for a mat...I'll come back to present it to you onced I've fixed my mind!

As for my two girls, they also enjoyed doing these rainbow candles during the weekend with the Scout group. They're pretty... don't you think so? We love home projects these days.


  1. Annie , come spring , you'll have loads of beautifully-made crochet to display :D The rainbow candles look pretty ....

  2. Hi Annie, your crochet sure look pretty and cute. Love it, I've not been doing any crochet, cross stitch or patch work since I start blogging. :(
    Suppose to crochet handbag but yet to start. LOL

    Lovely and cute candle, your girls sure good at handicraft too.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Anne and Amelia. Thank you:)
    I look forward to see your crochet handbag Amelia! Go for it:)


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