Friday, 25 January 2013

Making of Bao

Dear Dim Sum Restaurant Big Boss 點心的大老闆

I'm writing to let you know that in this country where we presently reside, not a single dim sum place is in sight, nor any Oriental or Asian Grocery Store. Any idea or interest to bring business over here?

Sometime ago,when we landed in the land where everything is BIG and where all sorts of things can be purchased, my sister in Texas took me to an enormous Oriental shop in Houston. Oh! How my head was reeling with excitement to see all the Asian food that I've been missing.

A Bao mix was one of the things I took home with me as I thought I could try a dim sum meal right at my home for a change.

Perhaps, you have another way of doing your Bao...but I cheated mine with this pre-mix flour. It was as simple as adding some water and sugar.

After following the packet instructions, I got 12 dough balls.

Then, I proceeded with boiling some eggs,quartered it to put in the bao as part of the fillings.

As we don't tend to like pork meat,  so I used some chicken breast meat and cubed potato.... perhaps this is not exactly what you do in your restaurant but that's what I had in my kitchen at that time. I  don't have much choice for the matter.

Here, I flatten the dough ball and started laying a spoonful of my made-up fillings. Wrapped them up to look like a BAO! That was easy!

The nightmare started when I went through steaming them!! This was not an easy task as I don't have a steamer! I had to improvise using the biggest pan I own for this purpose...even that wasn't big enough!

Lo and behold! I still managed to come up with a look-a-like-bao. I know it need a lot of improvement in beauty term... but you should see what appreciative family I have, they gobbled them all up in just a few minutes! Sad to say, I couldn't give them more than they wanted.

Wouldn't it be easy,  if you could start thinking of bringing your business over here?....We will certainly be one of your faithful client....I can just imagine,,, how we could avail all the rest of the dim sum menu that we're all deprived of for years!

Looking forward to your expanding business plans.

Yours sincerely



  1. Hi Annie, delicious bao. Love the filling, look so good and with the hard boiled egg, yum yum! :)

    Have a great week ahead,regards.

  2. Oh Annie , your baos look very tasty and they are pretty well made ! Even the filling is a meal in itself :D I've been looking for some bao recipe as well .

  3. Ooooo...that was an absolutely perfect bao!!! Double thumbs up! I wish I could make my own but I'm too scared to take the risk - may not be I would just go out and buy. Nothing beats own-made, that's for sure.

  4. Congratulations! Your baos look perfect. Love your improvise filling, very creative.

  5. Boiled egg in a bao? I really like to try this recipe. It looks great!


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