Friday 26 April 2013


Dear Family & Friends

Tis the season of blooms! Look at this plum tree blosoms....Aren't they gorgeous! They are all potential fruit plums, but it all depend on whether the working bee set the flowers into fruits by pollination.

Right now, my most favourite place to sit in the garden, whenever possible, is under our big cherry tree! It's also in full bloom and what I love the most is the buzzing noise of hundreds of bees gathering nectar from flower to flower! To me, the sound and presence of bees are magical! I love bees!

Bees are friends. Hard working friends who are only interested in blosoms like this ones.

I just can't help writing and photographing this moment in our garden..My wish is to share with you the excitement and joy that we get out from the simple beauty of nature.

I collaged these photos of the tulips which was taken just a few minutes interval of each other. Every morning, they unfold their blooms slowly and by late afternoon, they do the reverse action of closing up once again....I find this fascinating indeed! 

One favourite British dessert is the use of  rhubard leave stem (not the leaves as it's poisonous)...I planted this rhubard from seeds given by my MIL. In UK, we have rhubard in our garden too and they just come up year after year without any care given to it.

I suppose, we have slightly different climate condition here that this rhubard started's going to bloom to produce seeds. Now, this is strange phenomenon to me... but I found out that it is because the plant is STRESSED!! Oh! poor plant!... and my husband won't have rhubard pie this year too!! Well, I'll try again next year!

A Rhubard plant bolting into seeds

Life is full of surprises...lots of learning to do along the way....sometimes it's overwhelming, but I'm determined to just focus on the joy of simple things in life... you do the same, and have a blessed day:)



  1. Oh poor rhubarb! I bought a rhubarb to plant - I don't have good luck with them. I've tried 4 or 5 times before. I think it's just too hot in Georgia. We're supposed to plant them in partial sun. So I'm looking for the perfect spot (again) as I really LOVE rhubarb.

    Gorgeous spring blooming photos!

    1. Oh Manuela...Let's not give up on Rhubarb..our summer is very hot too...but I'll try planting them again...I'm just waiting for those seeds to develop :)

  2. Hi Annie, wow... lovely flowers. Very nice pictures especially the tulips. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Amelia:) You have a nice weekend too! and a happy one:)

  3. Annie , I thought you went to Japan when I first saw that beautiful cherry tree :D Your flowers are really thriving ! Hope your rhubard will just relax so that it will give you something to use for that pie lol

  4. Hi Annie! Gorgeous sight!... and I could feel your joy and excitement in this post! Thanks for sharing with us!


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