Sunday, 21 April 2013

In The Spring Garden

Dear Family & Friends,

When spring flowers pop up to show their beauty, I feel like wanting to stay out and live in the garden :)

Onions were planted and are now making their presence be felt ...while tulips are keeping them entertained with their beauty:)

Meanwhile, somebody have already prepared the big beds for various vegetables to come....

In our vegetable garden, is an old garden water-well. We want to make a feature of it to cheer the vegetable gardener. Although it doesn't have much water, but it's good enough for hand pump...and we want it to look like this...

Build a roof over it and probably cover it with mosaic tiles. This inspiration came from the well in our village public square. (copy cat!!)

Just like the busy bee...we too keep busy with a thousand things in life....but one at a time....

Enjoy your day too...doing one thing at a time:)



  1. Hi Annie, I love your tulips, it look really beautiful and gorgeous. I like your huge garden too can plant lots of vegetables and flowers.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I would , too esp If I've got a garden as huge and pretty as yours ! The copycat :D well is FANTASTIC !

  3. Ooooo...tulips! So pretty!!!

  4. Wow Wow Annie! I have to repeat this... really envy you for that garden!

  5. That's a lot of onion. I am sure your well will look even better.

  6. This post is poetic! Very lovely thought and charming. I love your garden.


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