Friday, 5 April 2013

Rainy Days For Housework

Dear Family & Friends,

It's been raining gently the whole day long. There's enough water for us to collect into our rain barrel as well as good blessings for all the seeds and seedlings that I've been planting for the past few days. The grass seeds laid on the lawn will also be so happy with this rain...and so is my husband:) 

As for me, it's time to have some quiet time and get back to the many home projects that I have been and there. I think this tiny flower crochet throw, which was done with one little flower at a time, can be carried on to a much bigger size project.

Another red crochet lace that I'm working onto the red toille material that I love so much...could also be continued.

In between this and that, I think a cuppa after another, and another, would be welcomed too... as the rain is forecasted to continue on all day long.

Mind you, we don't have rain, I might as well take the pleasure and fit in things needed to be they say:  God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done.

Yes, after tea break and crafting...there's dishes in the kitchen sink calling my name too. Got to attend to all these things...I know   ;D

Well. you also go and enjoy all that each day brings.



  1. Well said, Annie. You have a great weekend!

  2. Gahhhh ! It's been raining cats and dogs over here for days now :p I love those throw pillows , they look so pretty !

  3. Yes, I love doing it on rainy days. Not so hot...and over here, it can be really really hot.

  4. Hi Annie, it's raining over here in my place and some area flooded as well. Love your crochet lace, so pretty.

    Best regards.

  5. I'm so impressed. That crochet lace is so lovely and great choice of fabric too.


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