Thursday, 2 May 2013

Edible Plant as Food

Dear Family & Friends

I'm not sure if you are familiar with this type of edible's called wild garlic! The leaves have a very strong garlic odour that can be used to flavour meals, but it does not form any bulbs like the garlic. This plant normally grow wild in woodlands.

This is a dock leaves. We used to know this plant as weeds...but in Bulgaria, it's sold in the market as food! It's actually delicious...Our neighbour cooked a risotto sort of rice dish and used this dock leaves to wrap the rice and steam/baked afterwards.... I'm all for this dish! I'm now letting this weed grow in my garden too...normally you can find them in woodland/forest area...but I think it is better when you collect it from your own do let some weeds the chance to grow in your garden too:)

At this time, my coriander leaves from last year's sowing is still going strong...soon it will start bolting to I must make the most of the leaves while it is in abundance...

As I was collecting herbs for kitchen use...I just realized that this other plant although very similar to coriander in looks, the Parsley actually got completely different taste and smell. The leaves texture is coarser too! Hmmm...I prefer the stronger smell of the parsley!

Slowly, I'm getting more acquainted with various herbs and even wild edible's something to be enjoyed!



  1. Wouldn't it be nice if we're neighbors ?! :D I just sigh over those fresh coriander :P Show some more drool-worthy herbs from your garden next time !

  2. Wow Annie! You really have green fingers!

  3. Interesting! I have never seen wild garlic plants or dock leaves. So this is fresh coriander looks like, nice! Your garden looks great. I bet the smell wonderful too.


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