Sunday, 5 May 2013

No to Spray

Dear Family & Friends

Life these days is pretty much busy ... spent mostly gardening: Sowing, transplanting, watering and dreaming!

It''s sometimes difficult to get me back to the kitchen to provide and prepare simple meal, specially once I've started my gardening chores. But I do have my responsibility and commitment to my team. I think having meals together is a nice break for all of us. Afterall, we need nourishment to keep us going too!

Today I've seen an ancient bi-plane flying low in our village whilst in the garden. I was amazed... but not anymore... after my husband told me that this old plane is used to air-spray a big field nearby with chemical POISON!! 

It's no joke! Our food shouldn't be sprayed with poison because it all goes back to ourselves!! There's a big price to pay for greediness. Our neighbours used to come to our garden to advise us about spraying veggies & fruit for abundance. They even impose themselves on us by bringing their sprayer and do the deed for us for free!! Yet they wear a mask while spraying!!...but not concern of the residue it leaves on the fruit!

I have now learned how to lock our gate and I'm going to do my own gardening... the way I think that will be better for us:)

By the way, simply locking the gate WORKS!! 



  1. Wow, what pushy neighbors! I guess they've never heard of organic gardening?

    1. I can understand it is hard to bring food to the table and for years they have resorted to chemicals...I think they mean well, but it is hard for me to accept that that is the way...afterall, cancer abounds these days, and it is nasty!

  2. I bet they don't know that organic veggies cost more than chemical-laden ones :P :D Love your simple nourishment , Annie ;D

  3. Hi Annie,

    I see what you meant in terms of the massive amount of chemical in nowadays farming. Yucky that we are eating lots of these harmful stuff, isn't it?

    We are always busy hunting down aphids and caterpillars during Spring and summer season... Now at winter, we are sort of doing nothing much for our plants.



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