Thursday, 6 June 2013

Home Economy for Successful Living

Dear Family & Friends

I do believe in living a wise and frugal way. Afterall, the resources we were given by God is not ours to waste...we are to manage it with the intend of a Successful Living..

Having Less is OK.
No we don't need to have everything..most of them are just junk and burden for life. Since we started our family, we've decided to have no TV. We never missed anything. In fact, we  found out that we gained more time in a day and have more time to do creative things and play games as a family.

Stay debt-free
We never ever had the opportunity of having Mortgage (relief!!).  I don't really know what it entails, but I do know it is a debt that you had to pay back no matter what. It is a real blessing for us and to be honest with you, if we had to buy something but had no money for it, I would consider not having it, than to be in debt. It is less stressful for the family this way. Develop contentment in life...we don't need many of the materials things, to gain happiness.

Growing food in the garden
I understand one cannot be completely self sufficient in life, but to be able to grow food in your own garden, or in any space you have, will help you cut down on your grocery bill and give you fresh healthy food. It also gives you a lot of opportunities to learn a lot of things in life that you never knew before...such as : hard work pays, getting to know your land, learning about the birds and insects that visit you, your eco-system, your local climate and environment, and your neighbours too:) There is a certain rewarding feeling that goes with gardening...I never wanted a garden before...but I'm glad my husband didn't believed me when I said it!!

Bartering and swappings
I would like to do more of that...but for the moment, I don't really know how and with whom I could share this activity. All I've experienced is the opportunity of bartering seeds with neighbours and friends....but perhaps other opportunities will arise in the future.

Cooking from scratch
I know we can buy ready made foods which is easy and convinient....but nothing beats homecooked food. You can have better and healthier food and it will help you save money. You can more or less understand what you are eating too! I'm not an expert in the kitchen, but I have learned to do a lot of cooking/baking and still continue on learning this way. The result is priceless.

Green cleaning
Along with cooking from scratch, making your own cleaners will help you save money and become healthier. We use a lot of bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar for a lot of things, including cleaning. It's a cheap product but it works wonders. No, I don't succumbed to cleaning products on TV (opps...having no TV helps) or from other media.I just don't fancy strange unknown chemicals around the house.

Oh Yes, we do give away some money to the supermarket and shops for our living needs - but we are also being wise in what we buy, afterall, it's not easy to earn money these days and there's tough times ahead to consider. Most important of all, we care how we live...I want to have a successful living!  and better... if you could join us in aspiring towards this too:)

Have you developed your own home-based economy? Please share what you do in your own home.



  1. Annie , love this post ! Much as I love to grow even some herbs er besides my "black thumb " , that is , there's not really enough space here *sigh* I couldn't help but laughed out loud re " we do give some our hard-earned cash to the supermarket and shops " :D

  2. This post is thought provoking. And very nice and wise. You're also meek and humble person I think. I learned a lots from you today. Thank you!


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